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Neighbourhood Watch

By Clerk to Bean Parish Council Bean Parish Council

Thursday, 15 April 2021


Bean Parish Council Contributor


Neighbourhood Watch is for everyone
The Association of North Kent Neighbourhood Watches aims to build safer, stronger and
more active communities in which the people of Gravesham and Dartford can thrive. The
values of community neighbourliness, inclusivity and working together is close to the
heart of its supporters.
The Association’s principle objectives are to promote safer communities and encourage
public participation in the prevention and solution of crime, so that effective liaison can be
achieved between the public and the police.
We liaise with relevant police organisations and work in partnership with other statutory
bodies to achieve these aims.
There are in the region of 600 Neighbourhood Watch schemes in Dartford and Gravesham,
run by volunteers (coordinators), supported by our Association (Committee), which
comprises nine volunteers. We work together as a team, in partnerships and within communities.
We live in unpredictable and ever-changing times in which crime has taken on new forms.
To remain relevant in today’s world, our focus now is on building resilient communities by
keeping members fully supported with resources and crime prevention information,
thereby increasing wellbeing and minimising crime.
If you think your neighbourhood might benefit from belonging to a Neighbourhood Watch
group (you would be joining this national grassroots charitable voluntary movement of 2.3
million members) we should be delighted to help you get started.
Please contact our Volunteer Watch Liaison Officer [email protected]

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