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Next meeting of the Parish Council

Monday 12th June 2023 at 7pm, in Bean Village Hall     


The Council has received a number of complaints regarding the condition of the footpaths from the top end of the village (School Lane and Stonewood) down to the High Street. 

The responsibility for the footpath from School Lane to the High Street via The Mount (DR23) and the footpath from Stonewood to the High Street via Drudgeon Way (DR22) is that of Kent County Council. The Public Rights of Way Officer for Dartford was asked for confirmation on when these will be cut back.

He has responded and advised (23 May 2023)  that the contractor is currently in Sevenoaks and will be there for another 2 weeks at the outside, so unfortunately our paths will not get cut for another fortnight at least.  However, the PROW Officer has confirmed that he will ask the contractor to cut our footpaths first when he comes to the Dartford area.

With regard to the 'side alleys' linking Beacon Drive to DR23 these are unadopted/no-man's land in so much they do not fall under the responsibility of DBC, the PROW Officer or Kent Highways. Bean PC has, in the past, when we had a Parish Handyman, cleared the alleyways and last year we were successful in negotiating with Kent Highways to clear them. I have today (26/5) been advised by KCC Highways that they have been included on a '28 day job’ but we cannot expect them to do this every year.