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Beacon Wood July 2013 Report

July 2013

Work Carried out since April

Some path edges have been cut back and those previously cut back have been maintained.

Vandalism at view point repaired twice, and fly-tipping near car park entrance cleared.

Some timbers on boardwalk have been replaced.

Areas of bramble and undergrowth cleared along path at Shellbank end.

The Community Payback team have been twice, and continued working to clear fencing to the right of entrance.

Chipping was completed, membrane purchased and woodland path lain, all costs were initially covered from carparking.

A couple of steps have been replaced.

Our Website updated with blogs.   please have a look!

Sighting of Glow worms confirmed and reported.

Local paper ran an article about the Wood with the aim of recruiting volunteers.

We have contacted the local wildlife police –officer re fungi picking, before the autumn.


Car parking currently raises about £45 a week we have had one £25 donation from Dartford Orienteering Club after they used the site for an event.

We have purchased all materials and paid for the chipping and we still have some money in the bank.

Future Work

We are looking for a temporary solution to muddy paths before the winter months.

Pathway edges clearance should continue.

Steps are in need of repair or replacement.

What can you do to help us?

We are always looking for help, contact us via the Parish Council or email :[email protected]

Most people are very careful about litter but a few spoil it for the rest of us. Use the bins or take it home

We have dog waste bins at the Post Office pedestrian entrance and by the Car Park. Clear up after your dog.

We’ve had a few incidences of vandalism, if you see something, don’t challenge, but take a discrete photo if you have a mobile phone that has this facility. Then report it to the Parish Council or email us.

Thank-you, enjoy the woods.