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Agendas April 2020 - March 2021



Wednesday 10th June 2020 at 7.30 pm

Via Zoom. This will be a virtual meeting. Should any member of the public wish to join the meeting please email [email protected] to be sent the link

1  Apologies for absence

2   To receive any declarations of interest pertaining to this agenda

3.  Minutes

3.1   To APPROVE the Minutes of the Council Meeting held on Monday 9th March 2020 that they be received as a true and complete record and that the resolutions contained therein be deemed to be the resolutions of the Council.


That the Minutes of the Parish Council held on 9th March 2020 be approved and adopted as a true record

3.2   To APPROVE the NOTES dated 13 April 2020 circulated to all Councillors for comment on 8th April 2020.


That the notes, dated 13th April 2020, containing information on actions taken since the March Meeting and circulated to Councillors for comment on 8th April 2020 be included with the official Minutes of this Council.

4   Matters Arising 

4.1     Scheme of delegation  

NALC recommendation that Council should consider strengthening their Scheme of Delegation (s101 of the 1972 LGA), which provides for delegating authority to the clerk for making decisions on behalf of the council. S101 requires formally agreed Terms of Reference by the Council. Decisions would then require the input of 2 members. This action was taken by Councillors on 19th March 2020 and recorded in the April 2020 notes.


That the resolution of 19th March 2020, ‘that important and urgent decisions are delegated to the Clerk with input from 2 members, initially the Chair & Vice Chair. Should the Chair or Vice Chair not be available, other members will be consulted in their place’, continue in force until such time as the Council resolves otherwise.

4.2   Annual Meeting of Bean Parish Council

This meeting, which was due to have been held in May, was cancelled.

The Local Authorities and Police and Crime Panels (Coronavirus) (Flexibility of Local Authority and Police and Crime Panel Meetings) (England and Wales) Regulations 2020  came into force on 4 April 2020. These regulations have made the following changes

4.(1) In respect of a reference in any enactment to a meeting of a local authority, that authority may, as they may determine—

(a)hold such meetings and at such hour and on such days; and

(b)alter the frequency, move or cancel such meetings, without requirement for further notice.

(2) Where an appointment would otherwise be made or require to be made at an annual meeting of a local authority, such appointment continues until the next annual meeting of the authority or until such time as that authority may determine.

With reference to 4 (2) above


That, the Chair of the Parish Council, Cllr. Burgin and the Vice-Chair of the Parish Council, Cllr. Munday, elected at the Annual Meeting of the Parish Council held in May 2019, remain in post until the following Annual Meeting of the Parish Council which will be held in May 2021.

5  Announcements from the Chair

6  Delegation of duties


That the delegation of duties agreed at the May 2019 Annual Meeting remain in place, until May 2021, as follows

  • Allotments – to remain under the management of Bean Allotment Society.
  • Bean Village Hall – Cllrs. Munday, Hammock, Weeks
  • Recreation ground – Cllr. Impaizzi
  • Footpaths – Cllrs. Burgin and Impiazzi
  • Beacon Woods – Cllrs. Impiazzi and Munday
  • Fields/stables – Cllr. Bates
  • War Memorial – Cllr. Weeks

7.   Appointments and nominations


That the appointments agreed at the May 2019 Annual Meeting remain in place, until May 2021, as follows

  • KALC Area Committee – Cllrs. Burgin & Impiazzi
  • Parish Forum – Cllrs Burgin & Impiazzi
  • Bluewater Forum – Cllrs. Bates, Impiazzi and Munday
  • Beacon Wood Steering Committee – Cllrs Hammock & Weeks (with Clerk)
  • FoBW – Cllr. Impiazzi and Clerk
  • Elders Forum – Cllr. Weeks
  • Darenth Park – Cllrs. Hammock & Weeks

8  Community Rural Warden  

To receive a report if available.

9  Correspondence

No urgent items to consider


All information received from the above relating to COVID-19 and other urgent matters have been forwarded to Councillors on receipt.

11  Parish Forum

All meetings cancelled until further notice. 

12  Council Polices

12.1   To APPROVE the following Policies and to note that there have been no changes made since last approved, May 2019:

  • Animal Welfare Policy
  • Complaints Procedure
  • Confidentiality
  • CRB Policy
  • Social Media Policy


That the above policies be approved

12.2   To APPROVE the following new policies, relating to HR, which have been

           circulated to all Councillors and following suggestions, amended

           accordingly. Cllr. Munday has checked all policies and amendments and

           recommended approval.

  • Health & Safety
  • Annual Leave
  • Anti-bullying and Harassment
  • Assaults on Staff
  • Capability
  • Equal Opportunities
  • Family Leave
  • Grievance Policy – this is a completely new one based on updated guidance
  • Jury service
  • Lone Working
  • Redundancy
  • Staff Disciplinary
  • Stress
  • Whistleblowing
  • Member Officer Relations’ Protocol


That the above policies be approved

12.3     To APPROVE the composition of the HR Committee as the Vice-Chair

             plus 2 Councillors

12.4      To APPROVE the composition of the Executive & Emergency

             Committee (EEC) as Chair plus 2 Councillors


That, the HR Committee comprise Vice-Chair plus 2 Councillors and the

Executive & Emergency Committee (EEC) comprise Chair plus 2 Councillors

12.5    To APPROVE the following new policies

  • Training – Leadership & Development
  • Dispensation Policy and Form


That the above policies be approved

13   GDPR

No matters to consider at date of publication.

14   Ebbsfleet Development Corporation /Bean Triangle

14.1   A2 Bean & Ebbsfleet Junction

          A2BE Inspector's Report & Decision Letter was published on 2nd June

          2020 and comprises of 116 pages.

          Main decisions are: -

  • Reject RA alternative – for reasons of delay & cost, but not safety or performance!
  • Accept missing A2 widening as proposal is improvement that helps Garden City
  • Accept narrow lanes as Safety Control Review Group says risk is not significant
  • Segregation barrier to be removable; HE/KCC to monitor impact s/b from Bluewater
  • Site Compounds – Contractor strongly urged to avoid sites in Green Belt
  • Further Noise Assessment required as unclear where significantly impacted homes are!
  • In Mar-20 Crown Estates agreed to sell land for landscaping Bean La/Beacon Drive  

Unfortunately, some recommendations the Inspector declared outside SoS remit: -

  • Widening Watling Street eastbound to A2 – KCC may wish to consider.
  • Inspector rejected MOD-3 [Removal of Hope r/a Traffic Lights] – but SoS says,

HE may wish to consider further air quality monitoring and keep matter under


  • Accepted MOD-5 [controlled crossing on National Cycle Route]- but without Orders

14.2     A2 Bean & Ebbsfleet Junction

            Advanced Planting Bean La/Beacon Dr has begun

            Planting is required as enlarging Hope Cottages Roundabout removes

            existing 1999 landscaping. This makes the new high embankment and

            traffic visible from Beacon Drive.

15   Kent Police

No matters to consider

16   Planning

To NOTE the following

16.1   Weekly planning list from DBC

16.2   Weekly planning list from EDC

16.3   DA/18/01669 and subsequent appeal dismissal

           Possible breach of planning reported 4 June 2020 and under investigation.

17   Highways

17.1   Bollards on verging in Southfleet Road.

            Authorisation received from Highways for Parish Handyman to replace

            damaged bollards.

18   Environmental Issue

18.1    Distribution of dog pooh bag containers was delayed due to lockdown.

           This will now be carried out by the Parish Handyman.

19  Footpaths

19.2   Fly-tipping adjacent to DR22.

           Occupants of the houses backing onto the footpath received a letter from

           the Parish Council advising that disposing of rubbish in the ‘open air’

           was unlawful and regarded as fly-tipping and that if this action continued,

           the Parish Council would report it to DBC with a view to prosecution.  

           Sadly, one resident has ignored the letter and continues to dispose of

           Garden rubbish adjacent to the footpath. The matter has now been passed

           to DBC Enforcement Officers.

20   Beacon Woods

20.1   Beacon Woods was closed to vehicles on 25 March 2020 as a result of the

          Government’s instructions to restrict movement during COVID-19 and

          also because we had experienced fly-tipping. On Monday 11th May the

          government advised that parks could open again but the Council agreed

          that the vehicular gates remain closed until the appointment system for

          private vehicles at the HWRC Pepperhill had been properly established to

          avoid the risk of fly-tipping in the car-park by people without appointments

          being turned away at Pepperhill. However, car-parking outside the entrance

          on Southfleet Road and on the grass verging became so problematical and

          dangerous it was agreed to open the vehicular gates on Tuesday 2nd June

          for a trial period, with a review on 8th June. It was further agreed that any

          further fly-tipping would result in the gates being closed immediately.

20.2   Lafarge Lease

          No update

20.3   Tree work to remove dangerous trees

          Work scheduled to take place on Monday 8th June 2020

20.4    Access to Pumping Station, Borehole D, Shellbank Lane

           Access required on Monday 8th June to repair a faulty valve in the pipe.

           Morrisons/Thames Water have put a new padlock on the access gate and

           a key will be given to the Parish Council.

20.5    Repairs to dipping platform and steps

           The Parish Handyman has carried out a comprehensive programme of

           repairs to the dipping platform and various steps around the park and

           has installed handrails where appropriate.

21   Recreation Facilities

21.1   Facilities remain closed although some residents have climbed over the

          vehicular access gate to gain entrance.

21.2   Quarterly inspection for April was cancelled, the next one will take place

          in July.

21.3   Grass was cut by GSG on 19th May 2020

22  Bean Village Hall

22.1   Japanese Knotweed – spraying took place on 28 May 2020

22.2   Jumping Beans returned to use the hall from Monday 1st June 2020. There

           are no other hirers at present and JB are responsible for the cleaning and

           sanitising of the facilities. Our caretaker is making regular inspections

           outside of the hiring periods.

22.3    All invoicing and receipts are now up to date for the period ending with

           the start of the COVID-19 lockdown.

23   Allotment Association

No matters to consider

24   Residents’ Association  

To note that April, May and June meetings were cancelled.

25    Spirit’s Rest

To receive a report

26   Finance

 26.1    Financial Year 2019-2020

            The following documents have been circulated.

  • Annual return
  • Balance sheet
  • Detailed cost centre report
  • Fixed assets report
  • Income and Expenditure report
  • Nett position by cost centre and code
  • Summary by cost centre
  • Summary of receipts and payments
  • BPC Income and expenditure
  • Village Hall income & expenditure (Balance sheet)

26.2       Financial Year 2019-2020 – Annual Governance and Accountability

              Return 2019/20 Part 3

               26.2.1   Annual Internal Audit Report 2019/20

                             To NOTE that this has been completed by our Internal Auditor

                              and dated 25 May 2020.

               26.2.2    Section 1 – Annual Governance Statement 2019/20   

                              To COMPLETE and APPROVE the Statement

               26.2.3     Section 2 – Accounting Statement 2019/20

                              To APPROVE

26.3     Scribe reports to end of May 2020

             To note.

26.4    Opening balance 1 April 2020 on all accounts  

           Bean Parish Council

           TOTAL  20883.39

           Bean Village Hall

           TOTAL  1051.21


26.5      Income to 31 May 2020

             Bean Parish Council

             12, 777.52

            Bean Village Hall


             Reserve Account



26.6     Expenditure to 31 May 2020

             Bean Parish Council


            Bean Village Hall


26.7    Staff Salary (Confidential Item)          

27    Items of interest

Chairs Items

Borough Councillors Items

Members Items

Clerks Items