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A2 Junction Improvements

Consultation document for A2 Bean Interchange and Ebbsfleet

Closing date for comments 1st March 2017

The following response to the consultation was made by the Parish Council on 16th February 2017

  1. Members were concerned that only one option, Option 5, was being considered and oppose the proposal as it stands.
  2. The Council has grave concerns regarding the closure of the slip road which currently carries traffic out of Bluewater and onto Watling Street, thus forcing traffic to the new gyratory being proposed. We cannot see how this will improve travelling time for anyone who wishes to enter Bean with or without ATS (Automated Traffic Signalling), but will be a significant difference to those who currently sit and queue to enter a single lane in Watling Street.
  3. The closure of the slip road dual carriageway past Bluewater leading to the roundabout A296/Watling Street is ill advised. The existing two lanes going up to Ightham roundabout will remain but split into three at the top.  This part of the dual carriageway backs up already so to increase the traffic flow with traffic that would have been in the two lanes to be closed will cause a greater tailback.  Add to this the on-going development at St Clements Lakes and the possibility of the Paramount proposals and the resulting congestion will be colossal.
  4. The reasoning for closing the two lanes is to improve the traffic flow past DVH.  This will not happen as traffic from the Ightham roundabout will double back to access the A2.  They will have right of way over traffic coming past DVH and even if it is light controlled (which is not indicated) cars will block the roundabout.
  5. The biggest cause of the current problems is where the two lanes merge into one along Watling Street to join the A2.  Removing a dedicated lane to join the A2 will cause congestion. The proposal to have two single lanes onto the A2 southbound is no improvement.
  6. Congestion exiting Bluewater will worsen considerably and at Christmas it will be gridlock.
  7. HE states that there was no intention for access to and from EGC onto this part of the network other than a service road.  If this changes it will add more traffic.
  8. Concerns with ATS at the Hope Cottage gyratory is that it will be bias to traffic leaving the A2 and not Bean so will create longer tailbacks, plus computer models cannot fully simulate human behaviours. It is already almost hopeless attempting to leave the village via the A2 bridge during such times as Christmas peak, this proposal will only serve to compound the issue for residents not relieve it.
  9. The Council has grave concerns that the use of ATS on the roundabouts will cause tail-backs on the A2 and this will, in their opinion, increase the risk of accidents on the A2 as vehicles attempt to cross lanes to gain exit to the Bluewater/Bean junction.
  10. Pedestrian access from Bean to Bluewater is unsatisfactory and it is not clear whether or not there is a cycle path and if there is what route it will take.
  11. The fact that a half a hectare of SSSI is more protected than the displacement of the occupants of 11 homes and a horse sanctuary seems incongruous especially when the Government are looking at new legislation to prevent local councils rejecting planning applications for large developments on Green Belt land.
  12. HE states they will pay market value plus 10% but there is no guarantee to the home owners that they can relocate in the area.  As EDC have taken the Bean Triangle within their boundary, it is our opinion that they should also have a responsibility to make provision for this guarantee.
  13. There are insufficient affordable homes of a similar size in Bean for all the residents to relocate here.  This could force families out of the area and could then impact on commuting and education.