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A2 Bean Junction Ground Investigations


Ground Investigations - from August 2019

Highways England is making improvements to the A2 Bean and Ebbsfleet junction to reduce

congestion, help traffic flow and improve safety.

We have now reached the stage where we need to investigate the ground around the

junctions. We are therefore now carrying out surveys, known as ‘intrusive surveys’ in the

surrounding areas lasting until winter 2019/20. The programme for the surveys is subject to

change but we envisage they will last approximately 2-3 months. We are writing to you, as a

local resident, to provide you with more information about this work.

What is intrusive survey work?

Intrusive survey work is where we drill through the ground and into the soil. This helps inform

the design of the improvements we’re planning to make, and we gain a better understanding


 existing conditions;

 any potential impact our improvements may have on the surrounding environment;


 how the overall design could be refined and improved, so any impact can be mitigated.

All survey work will be fenced off until the surveys are complete and work area is

reinstated. Some vegetation clearance will be required in areas so that our equipment can

access survey locations. Vegetation will only be removed when necessary.

Where will the works be?

The surveys are primarily contained within land owned by public authorities, including the:

 Bean north and south roundabouts.

 Ebbsfleet east and west roundabouts.

 Slip roads connecting to A2.

 The A2 mainline.

 Connecting roads around the junctions.

 Private land in the surrounding area.

Surveys at the above locations will include us drilling exploratory holes in the carriageways,

on the verges, embankments and cuttings and on the common land.

Some of the work will take place on privately owned land around both junctions. The

landowners concerned have been contacted and they have given their permission for survey

work to take place.

All personnel will be identifiable by their high visibility clothing.

How will this survey work affect me, and will it be noisy?

We will minimise the amount of noise our work will generate, although some noisy work will

be unavoidable. Where possible we have located the works behind acoustic barriers, such as

trees. The intrusive surveys have been agreed in consultation with the council and will comply

with Section 61 of the Control Pollution Act (1974), which places restrictions on noisy works.

We aim to carry out as much work as possible during the day time whilst also keeping roads

and footpaths operational. However, work that requires lane closures will take place at night.

This helps keep road users safe and minimises disruption to them. It also helps keep our

workforce safe. A portion of the works will require night time full road closures in order for the

work to be conducted safely. When this is the case a fully sign posted diversion route will be

in place.

You can find further information about the A2 Bean and Ebbsfleet Junction Improvements on

Highways England’s website at the following link:


If you have any questions about this work or the scheme please contact us via the Highways

England Customer Care Centre on 0300 123 5000, or by emailing our project lead

[email protected]